Quality control

Quality is central in everything that we do

With constant development we are able to identify deviations at an early stage and prevent them from becoming an issue. This leads to constant improvements to make sure that the quality and service develops with it. Quality is important and is central in everything that we do; materials, processes, logistics, IT and service. We know where the material is coming from, how it is processed and what is in it. In order to secure the quality all the way to the receiver we also know how it gets to its destination and how the destination process the material. Our quality control follows the whole supply chain and depending on what needs you have in terms of control, you have a great impact of the formation.

We provide transparency and include all the involved partners in the communication, offering end-to-end feedback from producer to receiver and vice versa. In terms of quality control of your waste products we work with third party quality control inspectors to provide a neutral and impartial inspection report. In addition to that we also have our own staff focusing on quality and perform our own inspections of the waste products. 

Health, safety, security and environment 

Our health, safety, security and environmental policies have been framed by in-house, experienced, qualified specialists to ensure that movement of clients' goods is managed without damage to the environment; without hazard to personnel and without risk to the cargo. Bertling Enviro's targets are:

  • zero major incidents
  • to fulfil all relevant national and international legislative requirements
  • not to damage and, where possible, to improve the environment
  • to encourage the development of a safety culture amongst the personnel and contractors
  • to provide training to our personnel and, where appropriate, our contractors
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