Enviro transports waste for district heating

What is district heating?   

District heating is a climate-smart energy network system and is actually the most common energy source for heating in Sweden. In a district heating system, entire towns or parts of towns are connected to a common pipe network. Heated water is generated in a thermal plant and is distributed through a network of pipes to industrial and commercial premises, apartment blocks and single-family houses connected to the thermal plant network. 

When the water is “used” it has cooled down and is transported back to the thermal plant where it will be heated again. Transporting back to the plant, the water can be used to warm up and free sidewalks and football fields from snow and ice. District heating is therefore wholesome and efficient for the local community.  

district heating energy crisis 2022

The heat from district heating is generated by biofuels such as wood chips and pellets, it is also generated by waste products such as RDF and SRF. In other words, the heating system turns waste into energy and takes care of resources in materials that otherwise would be lost. District heating helps to relieve the energy system by reducing the need of electricity for heating. In addition, the thermal plants in Sweden help their local cities with supply in the coldest of days when there is a greater need of energy and thanks to district heating, the air is purer in the cities and emissions are reduced.

Can district heating help the swedes in the crisis?

District heating saves energy and money. By being connected to a district heating network, less electricity is used for heating households and is, therefore, a good supplement to electric heating.

Bertling Enviro believes in circularity and wants to find a good use for waste and recyclables products. With our in-depth knowledge of the recycling and energy recovery marketplace we provide professional consultancy on a multitude of waste streams. By connecting buyers and sellers globally in the waste management industry we find environmentally friendly use for waste products.

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