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Bertling Enviro's partnership with Containerships

"Containerships, aligned with the values of the CMA CGM Group, aim to deliver the best customer experience in door-to-door cargo transportation in the most environmentally friendly manner and become the sustainability leader in multimodal cargo transportation across Europe and Morocco. Our relationship with Bertling Enviro started back in 2014 with a handshake and a joint vision to create a long-term relationship. We have since moved this from vision to reality. Today, we see Bertling Enviro as much more than just another customer, they are a partner. " - Rob Waterman, CEO at Containerships

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What has the Bertling Enviro business grown to today for Containerships? 

All business transactions start with a mutually beneficial opportunity or idea. Moving large volumes of low value commodities requires robust and competitive logistics. In order to achieve this a lot of planning was performed to make sure that all parties would be winners over a long period of time, meaning years! So we started off with sharing a lot of information, listening to each other’s challenges and understanding the needs. The partnership has continued in the same spirit since.

Global affairs have and will continue to influence what we started seven years ago. When the problems appear on the horizon our partnership makes it so much easier to solve them which is why we value what we have with Bertling Enviro. It can’t be copied overnight – almost like a marriage!  

At the same time, we support Bertling Enviro by providing greener transport, accommodating extra cargo onto our vessels and ensuring net extra emissions are relatively small compared to trucks or bulk vessels for example. In addition, we provide cargo traceability, which is important for the authorities, the capacity to absorb large volumes on short notice, and dedicated teams who truly understand this industry.








"It can't be copied overnight - almost like a marriage!"

What are the key factors to a successful partnership?

We believe that a co-operation built on the foundations of respect, transparency, and trust, with the aim of always trying to achieve long-term synergies at both ends, is the key factor. Bertling Enviro has frequently and assuredly taken decisions that support a long-term investment in the relationship.



Respect, transparency and trust

How do you want to keep on developing the partnership with Bertling Enviro?

As much as we are pleased with what we have achieved together with Bertling Enviro, we understand that our markets develop and so must we. The CMA CGM Group will continue to invest in the implementation of digital solutions that increase the efficiency of our interactions with our clients and provide a stronger, more effective customer experience. Bertling Enviro were amongst the first in the market to digitalize processes and interactions so here is a clear area for further progress.

Furthermore, our environmental mission continues. The Group is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the goods it moves and has invested heavily in LNG vessels, the current state-of-the-art industry solution for emissions reduction. LNG reduces sulphur dioxide and fine particle emissions by 99%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 85%, and carbon dioxide by up to 20%. This, aligned with the increasing requirements for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, will lead to more containerization and multimodal transport for forwarding. Bertling Enviro will benefit from this and enjoy more business opportunities as a result of this as they know logistics!


Interview with Rob Waterman, CEO at Containerships




"Bertling Enviro were amongst the first in the market to digitalize processes and interactions"



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