Top 10 exporters

Top 10 exporters

Link2energy just released their RDF insight report for Q1 which shows that Bertling Enviro now is on the list of top 10 RDF exporters from the United Kingdom. The report reflects the volumes of both RDF and SRF but does not include biomass fuels such as woodchip or other waste sourced fuels such as Tyre-Derived fuels. Bertling Enviro has the highest increase of growth in percent (69%) in comparison with the other companies on the list.  In the report they also list top 10 importers from the United Kingdom where you can find Tekniska Verken AB (Linköping) who Bertling Enviro supplies with RDF.

Top 10 exporters with year-on-year growth %

Top 10 importers with year-on-year growth %



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